Woodland Transportation Department FAQ’s

Woodland Transportation Department is managed by Woodland School District 50 employees. We are not a Bus Company, all bus drivers are employees of the district.
I need to make a bus change, how do I inform transportation?
You can make a change to your Students current bus schedule be filling out the REVISED BUS INFORMATION If you prefer you can download a bus information form from our website located under Student Forms. Print, complete and return to your student’s school to be processed. All bus stop changes take a minimum of 3 school days to be processed. If you would like your change to begin later than the 3 days, please provide the date you would like the change to start. Once your request has been processed, you will receive an email from our department with the new information. This should occur on the day prior to the bus stop change. If your student is in the Primary or Elementary Building, a new bus tag will be processed and given to the student by the school.

How do I use the Versatrans My Stop App to track my child’s bus?
Download the Versatrans My Stop app to track your bus in real time. Once you download the app, select Woodland District 50 and then log in with your Family ID#. This is your username AND password, and can be found on your bus assignment or by calling Transportation.

I would like to talk to my student’s bus driver, can I call them?
Yes, all bus drivers have a district voicemail. Just call us at (847) 856-3644 and ask for your driver’s voice mail. Our office staff will ask your student’s name to verify the driver assigned to your student’s route. The drivers will be notified that they have voice mail and will return your call as soon as possible.
My student’s bus is arriving earlier or later than the listed time I received from transportation, why?
Bus routes are changed frequently because of enrollment changes. If a time change greater than 5 minutes occurs, all students will receive a letter stating the new scheduled pick up time.
What time should my student go to their bus stop?
Students should be waiting at their bus stop, ready to load, 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time.
How are bus stops selected?
Intersections within the school district have been assessed based on central locations, not by student population. Bus stops are classified for all schools within District 50 boundaries.

My student is the only one at the bus stop; can we move it to my home?
Unfortunately, we cannot. Your student’s bus stop could be used for other school buildings and cannot be changed due to current population. Students may be added to the bus stop at anytime throughout the school year.
During inclement weather, the bus stop is covered with snow. What should we do?
The driver may have told your student where to stand, if not, please go to the first driveway prior that is cleared of snow, to wait for the bus to arrive. The driver will move the bus stop back to the original location as soon as a path is cleared for the students to wait. We would like to ask the community to please assist us by keeping the bus stops clear of snow. We realize that this might not always be possible.
Can my child ride home on a friend’s bus?
Due to the capacity of our bus routes, students are not allowed to ride buses other than their assigned bus.

Do I have to be at the bus stop for my student?
We highly encourage that someone meet the student at the bus stop. Students in grades 1-8 will be dropped at their bus stop and released. Parents of our Kindergarten students need to complete the STUDENT RELEASE FROM BUS with their wishes.