Can I withdraw my child from the program?

Posted by: Elizabeth Szepesi, Coordinator of Dual Language

Every effort is made to ensure the success of each child in the dual program at Woodland and withdraw from the program is discouraged because to see the full benefits a 6 year commitment is necessary.  If at any time a parent or guardian wishes to withdraw a child, they need to take the following steps:

  1. Before Kindergarten starts, contact the school directly to express your wishes in writing. Once you remove your child from enrollment, you will not be able to re-enroll.
  2. After classes start (any grade level) non-ELL students:
    1. Parent needs to contact the teacher to express concerns. Discuss interventions that may be implemented.
    2. Principal or Dual Language Coordinator may wish to meet directly with the parent to discuss specific concerns.
    3. If interventions fail to show growth or improvement and parents still want to remove their child, they must send an email or a write a letter expressing their wish to remove their child from the Dual Language Program. A signed and dated letter must be sent to the Bilingual and Dual Language Coordinator of School District 50. The letter or email will be put into the child’s folder.  Once parents remove their child from enrollment, they will not be able to re-enroll.
Elizabeth Szepesi, Coordinator of Dual Language