So Grateful for Your Support!

We are so grateful for the local business community that supports the work we do to engage parents at Woodland Primary. The following businesses have made a donation to Woodland Primary to either support WELE Come & Connect Parent Gatherings,  the WELE Curriculum Night Parent Raffle, transformation of the Butterfly Garden for Halloween, Green Apple Day, or our district's Staff Wellness Event:

 2nd & Charles Bookstore (Gurnee), Gurnee Donuts (Gurnee), Mendards (Gurnee), Mission BBQ (Gurnee), Riverside Cafe (Gurnee), Somethings Brewing (Grayslake), Starbucks (Fountain Square, Waukegan), Starbucks on Grand Ave. (Gurnee), Yarc Farms

When seeking a place to order a meal for you or your family or when shopping for a product to make someone’s day memorable, please consider patronizing our community partners’ businesses. Your support will go a long way in showing them how much you appreciate their commitment to the work we do to support students and families in Woodland School District 50.