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October is National Principals Month!

October is National Principals Month so let's take just a few minutes to highlight our amazing school principals. Woodland principals are a hard-working group during a normal school year, and the past eight months have really put them to the test. I want to publicly thank them for their tireless work and dedication supporting their students and staff, and staying positive when the days kept getting longer and harder. When asked to do the impossible, they didn’t give up, and they helped navigate their schools through the biggest shift in education we have ever experienced. This has been a challenging and uncertain time both mentally and emotionally, but they are #PrincipalStrong!

Over the past few months, many of you have reached out to them with questions, or leaned on them for support. When you shared your concerns with them, they worked to problem-solve, provide resources, and to simply be there when you needed them. If you have a kind word to share, please consider sending an encouraging email to your child’s principal or tag them on social media with the #LifeintheW hashtag.

Thank you to our Woodland Principals:

Thank you for your continued support!

Dr. Lori Casey, Superintendent
Woodland District 50