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Elementary West Students, Staff to Participate in Relocation Safety Drill

Gages Lake -- Keeping students safe at school is a top priority for Woodland District 50 and conducting safety drills are a regular part of any school year. The third consecutive relocation safety drill at Woodland is being conducted May 10, this time with approximately 1,000 first through third grade students at Elementary West. Students will board school buses and relocate nearly three miles away to Woodland Intermediate School after which they will return to complete the school day.

Woodland’s Crisis Management Plan includes procedures for relocating students away from potential harm. A relocation may occur if there is an emergency that could include, but not be limited to a gas leak, loss of water, or a dangerous situation inside the schools.

School officials work closely with law enforcement to plan the safety drills. This will be the third relocation drill at Woodland schools.

“Student and staff safety is always our number one priority at Elementary West. We are very pleased to have been chosen to complete the Relocation Drill as part of our proactive approach to achieving this goal. We are confident that it will be a smooth drill and we are grateful that should the need arise, we will have a plan in place to relocate our entire building in a swift and orderly manner,” said Ryan Wollberg, Principal at Woodland Elementary West.

In a real relocation, parents would be informed where to collect their child, but that aspect of the drill is not being done at this time. We anticipate including the reunification portion of the drill with a future safety exercise.

Members of the media interested in covering the drill are asked to contact Carolyn Waller Gordon, Communications Manager at Woodland District 50, in advance of May 10.