• Welcome to the Woodland Middle School Health Office 


    Woodland District 50 Health Offices have the important goal of keeping

    all students and staff safe and healthy to maximize learning!

    Check this page often for updates and pertinent information.


    Are you looking for a specific form related to the Health Office? 

    Please scroll down to our "forms" section.

    You may call or email the Health Office directly to reach one of our nurses or health assistants.

    Email: mshealthoffice@dist50.net

    847-856-3410 (office) or 847-856-1306 (fax)

    The Health Office is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00am to 4:45pm during normal school days and on Fridays from 8:00am to 3:35pm.

    Mrs. Charlene Biondo, BSN, RN

    Mrs. Jennifer Schulien, BSN, RN

    Mrs. Jennifer Feldman, RN

    Mrs. Cindy Marsalli, HA

    Mrs. Robin Payne, HA 

  • Does your student take medications on a daily basis or just as needed? 

    Woodland District 50 Medical Guidelines

    ~School personnel shall only dispense those medications necessary to maintain the child in school or that must be taken during school hours.

    ~Parents are responsible to provide the medication and to bring it to the school. Do NOT send it with the student.

    ~Please keep track of refills and expiration dates as necessary.  

    ~School personnel shall not dispense any prescription or nonprescription medication to students without written authorization from a licensed prescriber and a parent.

    ~No student should have medication, either prescription or nonprescription, on them during the day without the proper form in the Health Office (see the link for the form below).  Middle School students have the following options available:

    • Medications left in the Health Office- students may go to the Health Office to take the prescribed or non prescription (over-the-counter) medications.
    • Self-carry/self-administer- students may carry their own medication HOWEVER a form must be in the Health Office allowing the student to do so.  NO students should carry medication, either prescription or nonprescription without the proper form in the Health Office.
    • Both options- allows the student to self-carry medication and have medication in the Health Office. 

    Click the link below and print the form for each school year.

    Medication Authorization Form


  • Immunizations and Physicals 

    6th Grade -Physical Examination (including immunizations**) and Dental Examination.  The 6th grade physical will count as your sports physical for 6th grade only.  For the physical examination and immunization forms, please click here.
    7th Grade- Sports Physical if participating in interscholastic sports 
    8th Grade- Sports Physical if participating in interscholastic sports
    For a sports physical only form, please click here.
    If your student is transferring from another district or state in any grade, we are required to have the current physical and immunizations filled out on a State of Illinois form. 

    **Click here for information regarding the State of Illinois requirements for immunizations and physicals.

    Stay up to date with your child's immunizations. Click here for the CDC detailed immunization schedule for your student.
    doctor's office
    If you have any questions regarding physical and immunizations, please call the Middle School Health Office at 847-856-3410.  We are happy to answer any questions to keep your student healthy and safe.