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  • Grants have been successfully written and received from many companies and organizations. For a list of Donations and Competitive Grants received to date, please click here​.

    The district welcomes business/educational partnership opportunities to fund student educational initiatives. If you would like to help provide grant opportunities that can directly affect students in the classrooms.


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Current Grant Opportunities

Grant: "Adopt-a-Classroom"
Available: "Anytime"
Eligible Applicants: "Any teacher"
Details/Notes: "Teachers register their classroom and when a donation is made, 100% of the funds are available immediatiely as on-line credit to shop with a network of 40 vendors. Teachers provide an impact report to donors with an outline of how the money was spent."
Guidelines/Tips: "​None Available"
Deadline: "No application is necessary, just register your classroom."
Website: Adopt-a-Classroom​ - Register Your Classroom Here
Grant: "DonorsChoose.org"
Available: "Anytime"
Eligible Applicants: "All teachers who work directly with students for 75% or more of their time."
Details/Notes: "Teachers promote projects on the site and donors scan the site for projects they are interested in funding. When funded, all materials belong to the classroom and the teacher is required to submit thank you to the donors."
Guidelines/Tips: "Sample Projects"
Deadline: "No application necessary - teachers submit projects that are stored on the site."
Website: https://www.donorschoose.org/teachers