• April

  • First Grade Placement 2018-2019

    The placement process for first grade will begin this spring.  As we create the class lists we consider many factors.  We do our best to carefully match students and teachers as well as ensure that each classroom has positive group dynamics and is well balanced.  As we embark upon this complex process, we value your input.  We ask that you put your thoughts in a written email or letter sent to Stacey Anderson, Principal, by April 24th.  Please note that my email is standerson@dist50.net.  Please do not request a specific teacher as we cannot honor those requests.  Rather, we want to know what type of learning environment or teaching style you are seeking for your child.  Each student’s learning strengths and peer relations will be considered as we work together to make the appropriate placement for each child.  Please note that by making a request I cannot guarantee that it will be honored.  We want all of our students to have a positive transition to first grade and we will be diligent in keeping the process fair and appropriate for each student’s needs.