During the 2011-2012 school year our PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) theme was based on the book, Have you Filled Your Bucket Today?, which encourages positive behavior as part of one’s daily routine.  Bucket filling doesn’t require actual buckets. It is a philosophy focusing on how we treat each other. 

    When our buckets are full we feel happy.  When our buckets are empty, we can feel sad or lonely.  We can fill our buckets by saying or doing kind things for others or just sharing a smile.  We can dip into others buckets by saying or doing something unkind or mean. 

     In the years since, we have used themes to reinforce filling our buckets.  For 2018-2019 we are using a Superheroes Theme.  Students will “Show Their ROAR Powers” and earn their class a ROAR award while they are in the hallways, at Specials (Art, Music, PE, Computers, Library), Lunch, and Recess.  If the class can earn 50 Classroom ROAR awards in one grading period, they will earn a 50 Power Level Award for their class.  If they reach 75 class awards, they will receive a 75 Super Power Level award.  If the class can collect 100 class awards in the same grading period, they will be awarded a 100 Extreme Power Level Award.  These awards will be displayed across from Gym A. 

     Throughout the year our West teachers are working with their students to encourage positive ROAR behavior (Respect, Ownership, Acceptance, Being Ready to Learn) and fill their buckets through making positive behavior decisions.  The students’ positive behavior is acknowledged and reinforced through our ROAR classroom awards, student ROAR tickets and other class incentives. 

    In addition, we will help fill our buckets each month as we recognize a student from each class who has been exemplary in practicing our ROAR behaviors.  ROAR students will be acknowledged during our ROAR assemblies.  ROAR students will also be recognized on our ROAR bulletin board located outside our front office. 

    We are thrilled to have a school of bucket fillers and look forward to a positive school year!

    Below please find the Parent Letters that were sent home (English or Spanish).


Expected School Behavior


  • Gold Award

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  • Classes Who Have Made It to 100 Extreme Power Level (4TH Quarter)

    PARROTT .                       GLENN

    GRAFF                             WINTER


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  • Classes Who Have Made it to 75 Super Power Level (4TH Quarter

    Sue HANSEN                           JOY

    HIGGINS                         VAN ANROOY

    CONSTANT                           BRIODY

    MOY .                                  PARDINAS



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  • Classes Who Have Made it to 50 Power Level (4th Quarter)                                

    COHEN                           LEE

    RODRIGUEZ .            SCHUMANN                  

    FLORES                  Stacey HANSEN




    LEWIS .                         GARCIA

    BARTON .                     WERNER       

    LICOCCI                   LATONDRESS     






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