ROAR Matrix FY21

    During the 2020-2021 school year we have all had to face obstacles and challenges in Remote Learning.  That is why this year our Elementary PBIS theme is ROARing with Superheroes!  Each one of us….from students, to teachers, to family members possess their own superhero power.  We need these powers as we navigate remote learning and successfully engage in our lessons every day.

    Teachers began the school year by creating their classroom Remote Learning ROAR Matrix.  This was a way for our teachers and students to create classroom rules and expectations together.  Teachers will revisit their matrices throughout the year so that all of our Elementary students know our ROAR expectations.

    We at Elementary celebrate all our students for trying their best, engaging and participating in their lessons daily, and for showing their superhero powers.  In addition, every month each classroom teacher will nominate one student from their class to be their monthly ROAR Kid.  These students will be announced during the morning announcements and a certificate will be emailed home to them.

    So Elementary….what is your Superhero Power?!