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    Immunizations/physicals are required for all Early Childhood (EC) and Woodland Early Learning Experience (WELE) in addition to K and 6.

    All School Board Policies related to Health Care are listed under the Board Policy section of the website.


    Medication Drop Off Days for 2021-2022 School Year:

    • August 18: 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
    • August 19: 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

    Please review this important information from the Health Office.


    Health Care Plans

    • Chronic health problems such as allergies, asthma and diabetes, to name a few, may necessitate the development of a care plan to address student medical needs in the school setting. The development of such plans will be based on physician authorization and involve administration, the nurse, teachers, parents, and the student when appropriate. Parents who feel their child may be a candidate for such a plan should contact the nurse’s office in their child school.

    Board Policy

    Health Services

    • Woodland employs certified school nurses, registered nurses and health assistants to provide health services to the student body. A number of health services including vision and hearing screenings are provided on a  regular basis. First- aid will be provided for sudden illness or accidental injury occurring during school hours. These services do not provide the type of medical care that parents would normally expect from their family doctor. If a child is ill or injured at home please contact your family doctor for treatment. It is not appropriate to wait and have the staff in the Health Office see your child for a condition that presented at home. Parents will be notified when it is the opinion of the health office that an illness or injury requires further medical attention. Parent will be contacted to pick up their child when his/her temperature is 100 degrees or better.

    Student Forms

    Head Lice

    • It has been the practice of the district to send students home when they show evidence of lice or nits and require them to be nit free before returning to school. This has resulted in many children missing an excessive number of days of school for unnecessary reasons according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). The district procedures state that students will be sent home only when they present with live lice. If they are free of live lice they may return to class. The nurses no longer examine all students in a class when lice is reported. Questions regarding the district’s procedure for addressing the presence of lice should be directed to the nurse at the school your son/daughter attends.


    Home/Hospital Instruction

    • A student who is absent from school, or whose physician anticipates that the student will be absent for an extended period of time or ongoing intermittent absences, because of a medical condition may be eligible for instruction in the student's home or hospital. Eligibility shall be determined by the Illinois State Board of Education rule governing the continuum of placement options for home/hospital services. Appropriate educational services will begin no later than 5 school days after receiving a physician's written statement. Instructional or related services for a student receiving special education services will be determined by the student's individualized education program. Periodic conferences will be held between appropriate school personnel, parent(s)/guardian(s), and hospital staff to coordinate course work and facilitate a student's return to school.

    Illness/Returning to School

    • When students are ill, they should be kept home. Students must have a normal temperature (less than 100) without medication for 24 hours before returning to school. The note should be addressed to the nurse and can be emailed or faxed to the health office. Upon return to school, the student should be well enough to participate in normal school activities unless they have a written excuse from a physician. If a student was hospitalized and is returning to school a note including any restrictions from the physician is required.

    Parent and Student Handbook

    Food Allergies 

    • Reasonable food accommodations will be made for students with medically necessary dietary restrictions only. Please contact the building Nurse’s Office regarding any food accommodations that Woodland School District #50 should be aware of. Medical documentation must be on file in the Nurse’s office of your child’s building. The Nurse’s office will provide the necessary forms.

    Life Threatening Allergies

    • Woodland has a policy and a procedure for addressing the needs of students who have life threatening allergies. A copy of the policy and procedures are available in the health office of each school.

    Life Threating Allergy information​​


    • School personnel shall only dispense those medications necessary to maintain the child in school or that must be taken during school hours. School personnel shall not dispense any prescription medication to students without written authorization from a licensed prescriber nor dispense nonprescription medication without written authorization from a parent. Both over the counter and prescription medications require a signature from a licensed prescriber. A new completed Medication Authorization Form, Asthma Action Plan, or Food Allergy Action Plan  is required at the beginning of every school year or when there is a change in the student's medical needs.  Contact the individual school offices for further information and forms.
    • Students with asthma or allergies at risk for anaphylaxis may self medicate using their inhaler or epi-pen with written permission from their physician and parent. The necessary forms are available under Health Care Forms.

    Board Policy

    Physical/Immunizations Requirements

    • The School Code of Illinois requires the physical examinations and immunizations be completed prior to entrance into each of the following grades: Early Childhood, Woodland Early Learning Experience, Kindergarten or 1st grade, 6th grade and all new students to the district. Transfer students will be required to produce evidence they meet the requirements. Students moving into the district at any grade level from out of state must present a current physical examination (less than one year old) from a licensed physician and required immunizations for their age/grade level. A vision examination is required when entering an Illinois school for the first time. The Board Policy for Health, Examinations, Immunizations and Exclusion of Students is located under the policy section of the website. This list is also included under Health Forms. 

    Required timelines for physicals/immunizations are as follows:

    • K-Physical Examination, Vision & Dental Examination
    • 1st-No requirement
    • 2nd- Dental Examination
    • 3rd- No requirement
    • 4th- No requirement
    • 5th-No requirement
    • 6th- Physical Examination, Dental Examination.
    • 7th- Sports Physical if participating in interscholastic sportst
    • 8th- Sports Physical if participating in interscholastic sports

    Board Policy

    Healthcare Access Guide: Lake County 

    Lake County Health Department

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