• Pre-School Screenings for children 3-5 years of age, contact Cathy Ochoa at (847) 596-5633 or click here for information.

    The Assistant Superintendent of Special Education is responsible for the provision of special education services and 504 services with the district, SEDOL (Special Education District of Lake County) and private placements. The Assistant Superintendent of Special Education oversees the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) grant funding and the Pre School For All Grant funding.  The special education department includes: Special Education Supervisors/Assistant Principals, secretary, records clerk, receptionist, Special Education Teachers, Special Education Paraprofessionals, Psychologists, Social Workers, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Adaptive PE Teacher, Hearing Specialist, Assistive Technology Facilitator and Autism Specialist.

    The district offers a full continuum of services for students.


    Special Education Services Virtual Meeting Set for May 7, 2020
    Gurnee, IL - Woodland School District 50 will conduct a virtual meeting regarding the district’s plans for providing special education services to students with disabilities who attend private/parochial schools, or home-schooled students, within Woodland District 50’s boundaries. This will be a virtual meeting on May 7, 2020 at 2 p.m. Parents or guardians who would like to participate should email Dr. Donna VandenBroek at dvandenbroek@dist50.net.


 Dr. Donna VandenBroek - Assistant Superintendent of Special Education
  Meet Dr. VandenBroek

  Phone: 847-596-5632
  Email: dvandenbroek@dist50.net


 Patricia Nichols - Educational Secretary

  Phone: 847-596-5632
  Email: pnichols@dist50.net


 Tara Becker - PPS Clerk

  Phone: 847-596-5634
  Email: tbecker@dist50.net


 Elizabeth Burgess - Early Childhood Supervisor
  Meet Mrs. Burgess

  Phone: 847-984-8751 (Primary)
  Email: eburgess@dist50.net


 Robyn Klipp - Assistant Principal/Special Education Supervisor

  Phone: 847-596-5900 (Intermediate)
  Email: rklipp@dist50.net


 Tiffany Myers - Assistant Principal/Special Education Supervisor
  Meet Mrs. Myers

  Phone: 847-984-8892 (Elementary East)
  Email: tmyers@dist50.net


 Jennifer Pilcher - Assistant Principal/Special Education Supervisor
  Meet Mrs. Pilcher

  Phone: 847-984-4029 (Elementary West)
  Email: jpilcher@dist50.net


 Andrea Rouse - Assistant Principal/Special Education Supervisor
  Meet Mrs. Rouse

  Phone: 847-856-3416 (Middle)
  Email: arouse@dist50.net


 Catalina Ochoa - Pre-School screening contact

  Phone: 847-596-5600
  Email: cochoa@dist50.net