• Woodland School District 50 empowers our children to reach their potential by providing exceptional learning experiences that foster critical thinking in a nurturing learning community.

    -Woodland District 50 Mission Statement

    The Special Education Department is responsible for the provision of a full continuum of special education and Section 504 services to students with disabilities. The Department includes the following dedicated personnel: administrators, secretary, records assistant, teachers, paraprofessionals, psychologists, social workers, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, adaptive physical education teacher, hearing and vision specialists, assistive technology facilitator and board certified behavior analysts. If you have any questions about the services offered, please contact your student’s school, or the District Special Education Department Office at 847-596-5632.



 Dr. Lanee Walls - Assistant Superintendent of Special Education
  Meet Dr. Lanee Walls

  Phone: 847-596-5632
  Email: lwalls@dist50.net


 Patricia Nichols - Special Education Secretary

  Phone: 847-596-5632
  Email: pnichols@dist50.net


 Tara Becker - Support Services Record Assistant

  Phone: 847-596-5634
  Email: tbecker@dist50.net


 Selene Gomez - Preschool Screening

  Phone: 847-596-5633
  Email: sgomez@dist50.net


 Andrea Rouse - Early Childhood Supervisor
  Meet Mrs. Rouse

  Phone: 847-984-8751 (Primary)
  Email: arouse@dist50.net


 Tiffany Myers - Assistant Principal/Special Education Supervisor
  Meet Mrs. Myers

  Phone: 847-984-8892 (Elementary East)
  Email: tmyers@dist50.net


 Evelyn Cacioppo - Assistant Principal/Special Education Supervisor
  Meet Mrs. Cacioppo

  Phone: (847) 984-4029 (Elementary West)
  Email: ecacioppo@dist50.net


 Robyn Klipp - Assistant Principal/Special Education Supervisor
  Meet Mrs. Klipp

  Phone: 847-596-5900 (Intermediate)
  Email: rklipp@dist50.net


 Tia Martinez - Assistant Principal/Special Education Supervisor
  Meet Ms. Martinez

  Phone: 847-856-3416 (Middle)
  Email: tmartinez@dist50.net