The Communications Manager is a strategic professional who oversees and supports the district’s internal and external communication program to enhance public awareness of district programs and initiatives. This includes content creation across print and digital channels, keeping the district website up to date with current information, and engaging in meaningful conversations on social media.

The Communications Manager invests time and resources into strategizing and creating district messaging, translating district messages, and then carefully planning the distribution through various tools to our stakeholders. This must be done in partnership with school leaders so that messaging is consistent and layered. The job does not stop once the message goes out. The Communications Manager then spends time listening to how the message is received, responding to questions, providing follow-up, and gathering feedback that we can use to continuously fine-tune our communication strategy and to identify where gaps exist.

To stay up-to-date with information from the district, please note these resources:

Crisis Communication Presentation: Building Trust When Tensions are High


Life in the W Logo

With four schools, and nearly 5,000 students, there is always something exciting happening in the halls of Woodland. If you have a student in the district, you may hear about a neat activity or a cool assignment at your specific school, but what about all the other programs, events and achievements that makes Woodland a great place to learn? Being such a large district, Woodland is able to provide plenty of programs to enhance learning opportunities and experiences both in the classroom and beyond. That means there is something for everyone “in the W”.

Community Relations and District Pride was one of the initiatives identified in the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan. The district brought together staff, students, parents, and community members to develop implementation strategies for promoting the Woodland District 50 brand and increasing community connections through relationships with stakeholders and giving back. Through this effort our volunteers created a new brand... #LifeintheW. The brand needed to be flexible to encompass all things from Learning in the W, Sports in the W, Music in the W and more!

We invite you to learn more about #LifeintheW by following our hashtag on social media. You are welcome to contribute too! If you are at an event at our schools, or interacting with our Woodland Wildcats in the community, please share your pictures with us by using the #LifeintheW hashtag.

Department Staff

Brooke Hagstrom - Communications Manager

Phone: (847) 596-5604

Email: bhagstrom@dist50.net