• Welcome to the Middle Health Office!

    Woodland District 50 Health Offices have the important goal of keeping all the students and staff healthy to maximize learning! Click here to review the following message from the State of Illinois.

    Any questions, please call the Health Office at 847-856-3410. We are happy to help!

    Medication Guidelines

    School personnel shall only dispense those medications necessary to maintain the child in school or that must be taken during school hours. Parents are responsible to provide the medication. Bring it to the school. Do not send it with the student. Please keep track of refills and expiration dates as necessary.  School personnel shall not dispense any prescription medication to students without written authorization from a licensed prescriber nor dispense nonprescription medication without written authorization from a parent. Contact the individual school offices for further information and form.


    Stay up to date with your child's immunizations. You're welcome to look at the following link for a detailed immunization schedule
    WOODLAND DISTRICT 50 REQUIREMENTS- Immunizations/ Physicals
    Early Childhood - Physical Examination
    K - Physical Examination, Vision & Dental Examination
    1st - No requirement
    2nd - Dental Examination
    3rd- No requirement
    4th- No requirement
    5th- No requirement
    6th -Physical Examination, Dental Examination, Sports Physical if participating in interscholastic sports
    7th- Sports Physical if participating in interscholastic sports
    8th- Sports Physical if participating in interscholastic sports

    Health Links

    Visit the Dept. of Energy's student site to learn how to do a Home Energy Checkup!
    U.S. Department of Energy
    Compare your eating habits to recommended foods for a healthy you!
    Food Pyramid