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  • Primary

    Kara Edgeworth BSN, RN Primary School Nurse

    Laura Feczko  Health Assistant

    Phone: 847-984-8710   Fax: 847-816-4511

    Email: prihealthoffice@dist50.net


    Woodland Intermediate 

    Julia Plescia, MSN, RN, PEL - Certified School nurse

    Nancy Wood, BSN, RN

    Theresa Crandall, Health Assistant

    Phone: (847) 596-5910

    Fax: (847) 855-9828

    Email: inthealthoffice@dist50.net




    Mrs. Jennifer Schulien, BSN, RN, PEL-CSN

    Mrs. Charlene Biondo, BSN, RN

    Mrs. Cindy Marsalli, HA

    Mrs. Robin Payne, HA 

    Email: mshealthoffice@dist50.net

    847-856-3410 (office) or 847-856-1306 (fax)




    Medication Guidelines

    • All prescription AND over-the-counter medications require a Medication Authorization Form to be signed and completed by a doctor and signed by the parent.
    • School personnel shall only dispense those medications necessary to maintain the child in school or that must be taken during school hours.
    • Parents are responsible to provide the medication. Bring it to the school. Do not send it with the student.
    • Please keep track of refills and expiration dates as necessary.  
    • Contact the individual school offices for further information and required forms.


    Parent checklist for providing medication to be given at school:

    • Print out a Medication Authorization Form, sign it and give to the doctor to fill out.  Please make sure the name of the medication matches the medication to be given, the dosing information and time to be given are all included on the form.
    • Print out and fill out an Authorization to Release/Exchange Student Record Information.  If any clarification is needed regarding the medicine, this form enables us to communicate efficiently and directly with the doctor. 
    • Bring the medication in the original bottle along with the Medication Authorization Form and the Authorization to Release/Exchange Information Form to the East Health Office.
  • Elementary East 


    Ethel Cabalfin, MSN, RN, PEL-CSN, ACM, Lead School Nurse & Elementary East School Nurse

    Janis Brown, BSN, RN, EE/EW Float Nurse

    Denise Garduno, Health Assistant

    Phone: (847) 984-8810

    Fax:  (847) 549-9806

    Email: eehealthoffice@dist50.net 


    Elementary West 


    Marigayle Punsalan, BSN,RN

    Janis Brown, BSN, RN, EE/EW Float nurse

    Phone: (847) 984-8910

    Fax:  (847) 816-0708

    Email: ewhealthoffice@dist50.net

  •        Immunizations

    Stay up to date with your child's immunizations. 
    You're welcome to look at the following link for an Easy-To-Read Vaccine Schedule.
    Early Childhood - Physical Examination with Immunizations
    K - Physical Examination with Immunizations, Vision & Dental Examination
    1st - No requirement
    2nd - Dental Examination
    3rd- No requirement
    4th- No requirement
    5th- No requirement
    6th -Physical Examination with Immunizations, Dental Examination
    7th- Sports Physical if participating in interscholastic sports
    8th- Sports Physical if participating in interscholastic sports
    New to Illinois (Transfer Students) - Physical Exam with Immunizations & Vision Exam
  • Health Links

    Learn healthy eating habits by clicking on the following link and playing games, 
    printing out activity sheets, watching videos and more!
    My Plate Kids' Place

    Learn about dental health and how to brush your teeth at the following link,
    How to Brush Your Teeth

    Learn how and when to wash your hands to prevent illness at,
    Washing Your Hands