• Health Office:
    Phone: (847) 984-8710

    Kara Edgeworth Registered Nurse (847) 984-8704
    Laura Feczko Health Assistant (847) 984-8703
    Email: prihealthoffice@dist50.net


    Health Office Reminders:

    • Current Physical and Immunization Records are due no later than October 15, 2018 or your child WILL be excluded from school
    • Accidents happen... please make sure that your child has a FULL extra set of seasonally appropriate clothes in their backpack every day
    • ALL medications (even over the counter) require a physician authorization form
    • PLEASE let the office know if your child is diagnosed with a communicable disease





    Sick Day GuidelinesKeep everyone healthy!

    To help prevent the spread of illness, we would like to give you some guidelines to help with your decision on whether or not to send your child to school. We ask that you keep your child home if he or she:

    • Has a fever of 100 degrees or higher
    • Has abdominal cramps, diarrhea or vomiting
    • Has a sore throat with a fever
    • Has a persistent (dry or productive) cough
    • Has a rash or open and draining sores
    • Has symptoms that prevent them from participating in school such as
      • Excessive tiredness or lack of appetite
      • Headaches, body aches, earaches
      • Severe sore throat (could be strep throat even without a fever)

    If your child has been ill, please be aware of the following guidelines before having your child return to school:

    • Be fever free for at least 24 hours (without medication)
    • Be free of vomiting and/or diarrhea for at least 24 hours
    • For strep throat, be on the appropriate antibiotic for at least 24 hours
    • For conjunctivitis, they must be on the appropriate eye drops for at least 24 hours or be cleared by a physician
    • Rash illness should be assessed by a doctor. 


    Tips for keeping your children healthyhappy kids

    • Make sure that they are getting plenty of rest every night and eating a nutritious diet
    • Teach your child to cover their coughs or sneezes with a tissue or their arm
    • Limit touching areas such as their eyes, nose and mouth
    • Show your child the proper way to wash their hands and do it frequently throughout the day
    • Avoid sharing personal items such as hats, brushes, combs, lip balms or towels


    Complete physical with up to date immunizations, dental exam and vision exam are ALL required for kindergarten.