• With the return to in-person instruction this year, we anticipate the need to refine and clarify our transportation procedures.  Given that the number of students attending each day compared to the end of last year, we will be using both parking bays next to the school playgrounds (East and West) for school buses to pick-up and drop-off students. You can still sign up for bus transportation to eliminate any potential wait times.  

    Additionally, we anticipate an increased number of parents opting to drive their students each day.  This increase in traffic necessitates a plan for the safe movement of students, both in terms of social distancing and traffic flow.  The included pictures detail the procedure for pick-up and drop off procedures for cars only.   You will need your current CurbSmart placard in order to avoid having to park and wait for identification verification (requires a photo ID).

    DROP-OFF Times: Not before 9:00 am for breakfast;  If possible, not after 9:20 am as instruction begins at this time.

    PICK-UP Times:  Students will be dismissed to the bus and car line (via CurbSmart) at 3:55 pm.

    What about Lanyards?  Please see the attached flier!  Lanyards help you know what door to enter and clip your mask!

    Lanyard Flier

    Click here for more information about CurbSmart


    Please see the new Drop-Off/Pick-Up Route that begins 9-20-21