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    Welcome to our December/January edition of "WELE Parent News"! We hope you and your family enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday. As you resume supporting your student at home, know that we are here to support you! Our goal with this webpage is to keep you up to date with what's going on in WELE with regard to parent involvement and to make you aware of the many resources at your disposal. We will continue to do that in light of the changes and challenges that have come with this season. As always, we welcome your feedback and ideas and encourage you to be hopeful and to be well! 

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    Napping offers various benefits for healthy adults, including:

    • Relaxation
    • Reduced fatigue
    • Increased alertness
    • Improved mood
    • Improved performance, including quicker reaction time and better memory

    To get the most out of a nap, follow these tips:

    • Keep naps short. Aim to nap for only 10 to 20 minutes. The longer you nap, the more likely you are to feel groggy afterward. 
    • Take naps in the early afternoon. Napping after 3 p.m. can interfere with nighttime sleep. 
    • Create a restful environment. Nap in a quiet, dark place with a comfortable room temperature and few distractions.

    (If you're experiencing an increased need for naps and there's no obvious cause of new fatigue in your life, talk to your doctor.)

    Napping Do's and Don'ts for Healthy Adults

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Community Partners

  • We are so grateful for the local business community that has supported the work we do to engage parents at Woodland Primary. Over the past three years, the following businesses  have either donated food, dessert, gift cards, or store products to provide food and raffle prizes for parent involvement events for the WELE (Woodland Early Learning Experience) program or donated raffle items for Woodland Primary’s Glow Night:

    Kaisers Pizza & Pub, Salutos Pizza & Pasta, Olive Garden, Tacos El Norte, The Chocolate Sanctuary, Mission BBQ, Starbucks (Fountain Square), Jimano’s Pizzeria, McAlister's Deli, Stevens’, Bowlero (Vernon Hills), Chick fil-A, Chili's, Great Wolf Lodge, Gurnee Donuts, Rainforest Cafe, Friends of the Genesee Theatre (Waukegan), and Terry Waddell-Moenter, Author of "Freddy & His Magical Umbrella" (On Amazon), Tina’s Italian Bake Shop

    This season has been challenging for many of our local businesses. When seeking a place to order a meal for you or your family or when shopping for a product to make someone’s experience this holiday season memorable, please consider patronizing our community partners’ businesses. Your support will go a long way in showing them how much you appreciate their commitment to the work we do to support students and families in Woodland School District 50.

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Mrs. Lavonna Garner



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Lavonna Garner

Greetings WELE Parents!

It has been my pleasure to work as a parent liaison and facilitator in three northern Lake County school districts for over 13 years. I have been with Woodland School District 50 for the past three years. As a mother of four children 27, 25, 21, and 16 years old, one of whom had special needs, I understand the joys and challenges of raising children and advocating for their social-emotional well being and academic success while in school.

As staff at Woodland Primary continue to work diligently to support your student during Remote Learning 2.0, please know that I will seek to find creative ways to safely present parent involvement programming that will meet your needs. Look for this newsletter bi-monthly. It will highlight important dates/notices, provide Parent Tips, list resources, and much more! 

If you have questions about parent involvement, resources, or how I can support you as a parent of a student in WELE, please send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best Regards,

Lavonna K. Garner, WELE At-Risk Parent Facilitator