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    Welcome to the April/May edition of "WELE Parent News" which is the last release for the school year! I hope you have found this webpage helpful, fun, and informative. As you navigate through these final months of the school year, know that I am still here to support you! 

    If you have a student in Miss Garcia’s class, be sure to scroll down to the “WELE Terrific Teachers and Their Powerful Paras!” header and the "WELE Classrooms in Action" app, which is our photo gallery. Miss Garcia and Mrs. Limas, her “Powerful Para”, are newly featured in this edition (See links to pages featuring other WELE teachers and paras as well!). Discover who has been most influential in the life of this teacher, what valuable lessons her students have taught her, what some of their "favorite things" are, and much more! Learn what Mrs. Limas would do if she had an extra hour added to her day and discover what country is on her Bucket List to visit!

    Are you looking for family engagement activities and/or opportunities to connect with other parents? Check out the "Community Happenings" header to see what's happening in Lake County and beyond.

    As always, I welcome your feedback! If you would like to let us know what you think about the content on this page, CLICK HERE to complete a four-question survey. I would welcome hearing from you!


    Lavonna K. Garner 

    At Risk Parent Facilitator                                                                                                                                           


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WELE Terrific Teachers and Their Powerful Paras!

Self Care Tips

  • Did you know...?

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    Laughter boosts the immune system. It decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease, so laugh often! 

    Mayo Clinic

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  • Keep It Simple

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    Here are 19 simple things you can do to PRACTICE self care: Tips to Practice

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  • Self Care Tips for Dad

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    Here are six self care tips for Dad!:  Dad's Matter Too

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2021-22 Community Partners

  • We are so grateful for the local business community that supports the work we do to engage parents at Woodland Primary. The following businesses have made a donation to Woodland Primary to either support WELE Come & Connect Parent Gatherings,  the WELE Curriculum Night Parent Raffle, transformation of the Butterfly Garden for Halloween, Green Apple Day, or our district's Staff Wellness Event:

     2nd & Charles Bookstore (Gurnee), Gurnee Donuts (Gurnee), Mendards (Gurnee), Mission BBQ (Gurnee), Riverside Cafe (Gurnee), Somethings Brewing (Grayslake), Starbucks (Fountain Square, Waukegan), Starbucks on Grand Ave. (Gurnee), Yarc Farms

    When seeking a place to order a meal for you or your family or when shopping for a product to make someone’s day memorable, please consider patronizing our community partners’ businesses. Your support will go a long way in showing them how much you appreciate their commitment to the work we do to support students and families in Woodland School District 50.

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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Lavonna Garner

Greetings WELE Parents!

It has been my pleasure to work as a parent liaison and facilitator in three northern Lake County school districts for over 15 years. I have been with Woodland School District 50 for the past four years and a resident of Gurnee for over 23 years. As a mother of four children 28, 26, 23, and 17 years old, one of whom had special needs, I understand the joys and challenges of raising children and advocating for their social-emotional well being and academic success while in school. I am passionate about helping parents make the connection between their involvement and their student's academic success and appreciate the opportunity that I have as the At-Risk Parent Facilitator to support you!

While we will experience another year of hosting parent involvement events virtually, I am excited about the WELE , Come & Connect 2021-22 Calendar of Events /VENGA Y CONECTESE WELE, CALENDARIO DE EVENTOS 2021-22 that has been planned with you in mind! It is my hope that you will join me each month to deepen your connection between home and school.

Parents, this webpage will be just one way that you can choose to stay abreast of important dates/notices. It will also function as a resource page for Self Care Tips, Community Happenings, and much more! If you have questions about parent involvement, resources, or how I can support you as a parent of a student in WELE, please call (847)984-8757 or click on the link below my picture to send me an email.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Best Regards,

Lavonna K. Garner, WELE At-Risk Parent Facilitator