• Gurnee Teacher of the Year 2020-2021



    All certified staff are eligible for this award. This includes classroom teachers, special education teachers, special area teachers (ex: music, art, P.E.), social workers, health teachers, band directors, reading or math specialists and more!


  • Gurnee Village Board Meeting Teacher of the Year
    Joy Barbknecht
    Gurnee Teacher of the Year

    Previous Gurnee Teacher of the Year

    • 2019-2020 Kathy Shinners
    • 2018-2019  Vianey Soriaga
    • 2017-2018  Traci Strieter
    • 2016-2017  Darlene Lipczynski
    • 2015-2016  Tamara Graham
    • 2014-2015  Rian Bogdala
    • 2013-2014  Roshaunda Henson
  • Teacher of the Year Program 2021


    • Friday, February 5 - Nominations begin
    • Friday, March 5 - Deadline to submit nominations
    • Week of April 26 - Teacher of the Year winner announced
    • May - Recognition at the Village of Gurnee Board Meeting
    • May 20 - Teacher of the Year and school winners recognized at the May D50 Board of Education Meeting


    2020 - 2021 School Winners
    Woodland selects a school winner from each of the five schools in the district. From the list of five finalists, an overall winner is selected for recognition as the Village of Gurnee’s Teacher of the Year. This year’s school finalists were:

    • Amber Beutel, Woodland Primary
    • Katie Howell, Woodland Elementary East
    • Jeb Fleming, Woodland Elementary West
    • Jane Weiland, Woodland Intermediate
    • Joy Barbknecht, Woodland Middle School 

    News Release - May 19, 2021: Middle School Teacher Named Woodland's Gurnee Teacher of the Year


    2019 - 2020 School Winners

    • Mrs. Concidine, Woodland Primary
    • Mrs. LeFevre, Woodland Elementary East
    • Mrs. Parrott, Woodland Elementary West
    • Mrs. Shinners, Woodland Intermediate
    • Mr. Thompson, Woodland Middle School

    News Release: Intermediate Teacher Named Woodland’s Gurnee Teacher of the Year
    April 30, 2020