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Welcome to the Woodland Grant Opportunity Website
Business Office Grant Support Team​
Debbie Mandas
Grants have been successfully written and received from many companies and organizations.  For a list of Donations and Competitive Grants received to date, please click here​.

The district welcomes business/educational partnership opportunities to fund student educational initiatives. If you would like to help provide grant opportunities that can directly affect students in the classrooms, please contact a Business Office Grant Support Team member above.
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Current Grant Opportunities
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Eligible Applicants







Application & Deadline


Web Site

DonorsChoose.org ​Anytime All teachers who work directly with students for 75% or more of their time. Teachers promote projects on the site and donors scan the site for projects they are interested in funding.  When funded, all materials belong to the classroom and the teacher is required to submit thank yous to the donors. Sample Projects ​No application necessary - teachers submit projects that are stored on the site.

Donors Choose

​​Adopt-a-Classroom Anytime​ ​Any teacher ​Teachers register their classroom and when a donation is made, 100% of the funds are available immediatiely as on-line credit to shop with a network of 40 vendors. Teachers provide an impact report to donors with an outline of how the money was spent. ​None Available

​No application is necessary, just register your classroom.

Register Your Classroom Here



High Mowing Seed Donation Program ​Anytime ​Any project bringing farm and garden education to a diverse population ​Just fill out an online request and they will send you seed packets for a nominal S&H fee. ​None Available

​​No application is necessary - just submit a request

Online Application


High Mowing Seed
​General Motors ​Anytime ​Any educator in a tax-exempt school or anyone in a 501(c)(3) ​Grants are two categories - under $20,000 and over $20,000 - focus on STEM and education ​None Available

​Ongoing Applications

Online Application

​Meemic Foundation ​Anytime ​Any educator ​Meemic is an insurance company giving back to the education community - grants available throughout the year plus discounts for educators when you join the Meemic Foundation Club ​None Available Join the Foundation Club Meemic
Various Companies ​Now ​Schools and Government Agencies ​Wide range of grants available ​None Available ​Various Deadlines and applications - See Website USDA
Pinnacle Foods Breakfast Grant ​Now ​Any K-12 school that participates in the USDA School Lunch Program and has an ADP of less than 40% ​Grants available up to $1000 awarded throughout the year in different time periods ​None Available

​Deadline:  Cycle Open Apr-Jun

Online Application

Pinnacle Foods
McHenry/Lake County SWCD Conservation Grant Now​ ​Any youth group completing conservation education projects within one calendar year ​Reimburseable Grant for innovative, educational, beneficial to the community projects able to be completed in one year.  All grants are awarded out of a grand total of $1000. Examples of projects that will be considered for funding are water quality monitoring, groundwater protection awareness, tree planting, stream quality monitoring, prairie restorations, building bird/bat houses, building informative nature guide signs, planting arboretums, and other projects limited only by imagination.​

​Deadline:  04/28/17

Application Instructions ~ Write a letter of 500 words or less that introduces your group & explains project.  Be specific about the total cost & explain which portion of the cost is requested for funding.  Mail to Spring Duffey at 1648 S. Eastwood Drive
 Woodstock, IL 60098

McHenry/Lk Co SWCD
​Midwest Dairy Council ​Now ​Any school needing new kitchen equipment ​Grants of $5000 for use on updating kitchen equipment Success Stories

​Deadline:  04/28/17

Online Application

Midwest Dairy Council
​Illinois Reading Council ​Now ​Any IRC Member ​No specific grant amount but cannot exceed $4000 Guidelines and Ruberic

​Deadline: 05/01/17

Print & Mail Application

NEA ​Now ​Any educator with new ideas & practices to strengthen teaching and learning. Goal is to fund & share successful strategies to educate and prepare students for bright and rewarding futures. ​Grants awarded are for $2000 or $5000 amounts. None Available​

​Deadline: 02/01;06/01;10/01

Online Application

NEA Grant Site
Toshiba Ongoing under $5000/8-1 and 2-1 deadlines over $5000 ​6-12 Teachers who have an innovative science/math, measurable, project based idea to make learning math and science more engaging for students ​Grants are awarded under $5000 and over $5000 for engaging science/math project based learning None Available​

​Deadline:  If grant is for under $5000, applications are ongoing and reviewed throughout the year, if over $5000 - deadlines are 2/1 and 8/1

Online Application