• Healthy students learn better!

    Our goal is to keep the students and entire school staff healthy to maximize learning.

    School Nurses have multiple functions to reach our mission.

    • We provide first aide, emergency care, medication administration, and skilled nursing procedures.
    • We provide health education to promote positive health.
    • We are active participants for the IEP, 504 Plans, and Individualized Healthcare Plans.
    • We ensure mandate compliance in the screenings for vision, hearing, immunizations, and physicals.
    • We monitor the school health environment and work closely with nutrition services and physical education department.
    • We collaborate with the entire school to reach our goal of keeping the students and staff healthy. 

    Healthy children make successful learners! Healthy staff make successful educators! ​


    Meet the School Nurses and Health Assistant


    HEALTH ASSISTANT: Denise Garduno

  • Ethel

    Hello! My name is Ethel M. Cabalfin. I have been a Registered Nurse for more than 26 years with experiences in both pediatric and adult. I'm grateful to have worked in the areas of intensive care, medical, surgical, oncology, cardiology, home health, case management, management, and education. I am a proud mother of  triplets who have attended Woodland since Kindergarten. Being a parent of three children at the school, I have truly experienced the supportive, caring, and positive environment in the district. I absolutely enjoy working with children, parents, health care professionals and the entire community. I work as a team with our dedicated Health Assistant named Martha Jackson. It is an honor to be the Lead School Nurse and Elementary East School Nurse at Woodland District 50. I will always treat your children with the superior care needed as if they were my own!

  • Denise

     Hello! My name is Denise Garduno. I have been working in the Dental field for over 15 years as a Dental /Orthodontic Assistant, treatment and front desk coordinator. I am married with two children, Matthias 7 years old at EE and Levi 4 years old at PRIM. I enjoy and I am thankful to serve the children at Woodland and work with a great team! On my time off, I spend time with my family at home and church, watching movies, playing board games and traveling to Mexico .