Woodland Inspires Questions and Answers

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    What is Woodland Inspires?

    Woodland Inspires is the name of the instructional initiative that uses traditional instruction as well as 1 to 1 computers to personalize instruction, help our students develop problem solving skills, increase the range of communication skills and allow for greater student choice and exploration of ideas.

    Why is Woodland Inspires called an instructional initiative, not a technology initiative?

    The goal of Woodland Inspires is to strengthen students’ learning. Research shows that just incorporating technology will have little or no effect or even a negative effect on student learning, so how we use technology is the key. The personalization, problem solving, communication and students choice are the most important goals of this initiative. The technology allows those elements to happen.

    Why did the district choose Chromebooks?

    Woodland purchased 500 Dell 11 (inch) touch-screen Chromebooks. The Chromebook is a device that will provide the most comprehensive technology solution for students and teachers at WMS. This device allows teachers to support students while using the device at school and push out applications that students will use for class work. Factors that led to the decision to use Chromebooks include but are not limited to: integration with Google Apps for Education, management tools, integrated keyboard, ease of maintenance, 8+ ­hour battery life, and cost.

    What happens with the Chromebooks once received by students?

    Once issued, the Chromebook becomes the responsibility of the student. Students will be expected to follow Handbook Guidelines as well as the Acceptable Use Policy.

    Can students take Chromebooks home?

    Yes, it is expected that students will be able to use their Chromebook at home and return it to school fully charged each day. Chromebooks are instructional tools much like a textbook, so they will be used at home and at school. Students who do not have WiFI at home will be able to work offline with their device to complete necessary assignments.

    By having a Chromebook, does that mean there will be no more textbooks?

    No, students will still have paper resources such as textbooks. but their availability and use will begin to diminish over time as the district adopts more digital instructional tools.

    Will the Chromebooks be filtered at home as well at as school?
    Yes, the Chromebooks will always first be routed through Woodland safety and content filters by a product called Securely. All internet requests will pass through Securely before reaching out to the internet. This will occur regardless of the WiFi or network connection the student establishes. However, no filter is 100% effective. We request parents establish safe and monitored Chromebook use at home. This may include:

    • Only using the Chromebook in common areas in your home.
    • The Chromebook must be charged in the kitchen or other common area over night.
    • The Chromebook must be turned of at a certain time each night.
    • Your child should only be uses on the main floor of your home.

    What will be the cost to students/families? At this time, there is no cost to the students for their use of the Chromebook.

    What if my student can not get WiFi at home? We will teach the students how to download assignments and activities at school before they leave for the afternoon by working offline. Most assignments, especially those in Google, if downloaded previously can be worked on at home without the need for WiFi.

    Can families opt out of a Chromebook? No. All students will be required to use a district-issued Chromebook for their academic studies. These devices will be integral to classroom instruction, and without a device, students will be unable to fully participate in classroom activities and assignments. Just as textbooks are required for class today, a Chromebook will be required for use in class in the future.

    What happens if any child’s Chromebook is damaged? Your child should tell their classroom teacher immediately. The device will be taken to the technology office and a replacement loaner will be issued to the child.

    What happens if the Chromebook is not charged for the day? Students will have access to chargers in the classroom, but this should be an infrequent need.