• Student Information and Resources
    Woodland District 50 is extremely excited about our new technology initiative, Woodland Inspires. As a student, your responsibilities and cooperation as a participant is important. Here are a few ways to help ensure your success:

    • Take care of your Chromebook as it may be yours for the entire time at WMS.
    • Bring your Chromebook to school everyday, fully charged and ready to use.​
    • Review the district's acceptable use policy (found on pp. 19-20 of your assignment notebook.)
    • Use your Chromebook for appropriate school needs. All internet activity both at school and at home will run through the district's servers and filters. All use can be traced and reviewed if necessary.
    • Discuss expectations with your parents for Chromebook use at home.


    You will find that you will become comfortable with using the learning management system Schoology through the year. Below are a few resources that may be useful as we begin Woodland Inspires 1:1 initiative. Teachers will be providing you with more direct information specific to their classes as the year continues.

    Schoology Student Help Guides
    ​How To Access Your Courses/Classes
    How to Participate in a Discussion
    How to Take an Online Test/Quiz