800 - Community Relations

Number: 8:10   Connection with the Community
Summary: The Board of Education will consider the advice of the public

Number: 8:20   Community Use of School Facilities
Summary: Community organizations may use school facilities during non-school hours provided the use does not interfere with school functions, the safety of students or staff, or affect the property or liability of the District. The use of school facilities may be subject to rental fees and proof of liability insurance.

Number: 8:25   Advertising and Distributing Materials in Schools Provided by Non-School Related Entities
Summary: No material shall be posted or distributed that would: (1) disrupt the educational process, (2) violate the rights or invade the privacy of others, (3) infringe on a trademark or copyright, or (4) be defamatory, obscene, vulgar, or indecent. No material, literature, or advertisement shall be posted or distributed without prior approval from the Superintendent's office.

Number: 8:30   Visitors to and Conduct on School Property
Summary: Visitors to a building must report to the main office and shall comply with the District's behavior expectations. Child sex offenders are prohibited from being present on school property unless they have prior permission and are supervised at all times. An individual may be denied admission to school events pursuant to a hearing.

Number: 8:30 E1   Child Sex Offender's Request for Permission to Visit School Property
Child Sex Offender's Request for Permission to Visit School Property

Number: 8:70   Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities
Summary: Individuals with disabilities shall be provided an opportunity to participate in all school-sponsored services, programs, or activities as those without disabilities and will not be subject to illegal discrimination.

Number: 8:80   Gifts to the District
Summary: The Board of Education accepts gifts provided the gift can be used in a manner compatible with the District's educational objectives and policies. Gifts become property of the School District.

Number: 8:90   Parent Organizations and Booster Clubs
Summary: The Woodland Community Consolidated School District 50 Board of Education shall establish positive working relationships with organizations which contribute to the education process and to the general welfare of the community, including parent organizations, Parent Teacher Association and Music Booster Organization.

Number: 8:95   Parental Involvement
Summary: The Superintendent shall develop procedures to keep parents/guardians informed and involved in their child's school and education.

Number: 8:100   Relations with Other Organizations and Agencies
Summary: The District shall cooperate with other organizations and agencies.

Number: 8:110   Public Suggestions and Concerns
The District welcomes communication from the community. Community members wishing to provide suggestions or concerns may do so at any school or the District office. Individuals are asked to follow the chain of command. If an individual is not satisfied, they may file a complaint under Board Policy 2:260 Uniform Grievance Procedure.