Personnel - General Personnel

Number: 5:20   Sexual Harassment

Number: 5:30   Hiring Process and Criteria
Summary: The Superintendent is required to provide recommendations for personnel decisions and to perform a criminal history records check on applicants. New employees are required to submit a physical fitness examination showing that they are able to perform their duties.

Number: 5:35   Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act
Summary: Job positions shall be identified as "exempt" or "non exempt" as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act. Overtime compensation shall be paid to non-exempt employees who work in excess of 40 hours per week.

Number: 5:40   Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease
Summary: The Superintendent shall develop procedures for managing cases of communicable and chronic infectious diseases. Employees with a communicable or chronic infectious disease shall retain their position when there is no substantial risk of transmission of the disease and the employee is able to perform the position's essential job functions.

Number: 5:60   Expenses
Summary: Employees shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred to perform their duties and havebeen approved by the Superintendent

Number: 5:60 E1   Request for Approval of Conference/Workshop
Request for Approval of Conference/Workshop

Number: 5:60 E2   Out of District Travel and Meal Expense Report
Out of District Travel and Meal Expense Report

Number: 5:60 E3   Mileage

Number: 5:70   Religious Holidays

Number: 5:100   Staff Development Program
Summary: The Professional Development Program shall implement the School Improvement Plans and shall provide for in-service training for District staff.

Number: 5:120   Ethics
Summary: Certain supervisory employees and employees responsible for negotiating contracts must file a "Statement of Economic Interest" as required by the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act. Employees shall not perform any political activity during compensated time. No District employee shall, directly or indirectly, have a financial interest in any contract, work, or business of the District.

Number: 5:130   Responsibilities Concerning Internal Information
Summary: District employees must maintain the integrity and security of internal information and the privacy of confidential records.

Number: 5:150   Personnel Records
Summary: Access to personnel records shall be granted according to Board policy, and State and federal law. The Superintendent shall respond to inquiries by prospective employers.

Number: 5:170   Copyright

Number: 5:180   Temporary Illness or Temporary Incapacity
Summary: Sick leave benefits may be used by an employee when a temporary illness or incapacity makes him/her unable to perform assigned duties. If an employee is absent for more than 90 days, after exhausting all available leave, the absence may be considered a permanent disability.

Number: 5:185   Family and Medical Leave
Summary: Pursuant to the Family and Medical Leave Act, an employee may be eligible for up to 12 weeks of unpaid family and medical leave because of the birth of a child; the adoption of a child; the serious health condition of an employee or to care for a spouse, child, or parent with a serious health condition. This leave may be extended to 26 weeks to care for a covered armed services member with a serious injury or illness.

Personnel - Professional Personnel

Number: 5:190   Teacher Qualifications

Number: 5:210   Resignations

Number: 5:220   Substitute Teachers

Number: 5:240   Suspension

Number: 5:250   Leaves of Absence

Number: 5:260   Student Teachers

Personnel - Educational Support Personnel

Number: 5:270   Employment At-Will, Compensation, and Assignment
Summary: Educational support personnel are employed on an at-will basis, unless otherwise specified. The Board of Education determines the compensation for educational support personnel and the Superintendent may assign and transfer educational support personnel.

Number: 5:280   ESP's - Duties and Qualifications
Summary: All support staff, including paraprofessionals and teacher assistants, must meet their job qualifications, must be able to perform the essential duties, and must comply with Board policies. Bus drivers shall hold a valid school bus driver permit.

Number: 5:285   Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commercial Vehicle Drivers
Summary: As needed, the Superintendent will implement a drug and alcohol testing program for school bus and commercial vehicle drivers which complies with, and implements, federal and State law.

Number: 5:290   Employment Termination and Suspensions
Summary: Employees are requested to provide prior notice of resignation or retirement. The Board shall use a seniority list of educational support personnel when there is a reduction in force. Employees shall be paid for unused earned vacation.

Number: 5:310   Compensatory Time-Off

Number: 5:320   Evaluation
Summary: The Superintendent shall develop an evaluation program for educational support personnel which complies with Board policies, State law, and applicable collective bargaining agreements.