• The McKinney-Vento Homeless Student Assistance Act protects the rights of all homeless students. The Act describes a homeless student as one who:

    1. Lives in a car, park, or other substandard arrangement
    2. Lives in a shelter
    3. Lives are doubled for other people due to financial hardship.
    4. Lives with another person due to the death or incarceration of a parent
    5. Lives as a youth on their own due to abandonment or runaway status

    Students categorized as homeless/transitional according to the McKinney-Vento Homeless Student Assistance Act participate in this program.

    The Homeless Liaison through referrals made by district employees, community members, city agency employees, or self-referrals identifies students. The  Homeless Liaison assists in immediately enrolling these students in school, identifying and providing assistance to meet their academic and non-academic needs, and ensuring that barriers to education are eliminated.

    Please contact Dr. Casey at (847) 596-5635 if you have any questions, are homeless, or know of a student who may need assistance through this program.

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