• What is a ROAR Card? How does my Kindergarten/WELE child get one in school?

    A ROAR card is a positive way to recognize the individual child for following the ROAR rules around the building. These can be given to your child by any Woodland Primary Staff member. Your child may choose to add their ROAR card to their classroom ROAR jar or take it home to show it to their family. At the end of each week, your child's teacher will choose two ROAR winners from the classroom ROAR jar and their name will be announced over the intercom and receive a ROAR certificate.

    What is a classroom PAWSOME jar?

    We not only want to recognize the individual student for making good choices at school, but we also want to celebrate the whole classroom for making good choices. Your child and their classmates will be working together to earn a super ball to fill up their "paw" some jars. After the jars are full your child and their class will earn a whole class reward. (i.e. free choice time, extra recess, extra technology time, dance parties)

    How does my EC/WELE student earn positive rewards at school?

    Our EC and WELE students earn porcupine balls (little toy balls) that are put in a classroom ROAR jar to earn class prizes. They too get their names read over the intercom every week.

    What is a ROAR rally?

    Periodically throughout the year, your child will participate in a ROAR rally. During these rallies your child will be reviewing the ROAR rules with staff skits and meeting and dancing with our mascot, Wiley the Wildcat. This is a great way to come together as a school to celebrate good behavior and to review our ROAR rules.