District Strategic Plan

  • Welcome to our Strategic Planning home page. Here you will find an overview of what we are trying to achieve with our Strategic Planning process. Strategic plans serve as road maps for achieving student success throughout all of our district's operations. Vision, mission. strategic direction and goals are all part of the plan designed to focus energy and provide a common sense of direction. Underway is development of a plan to serve the district for 2018-2023.

    Throughout the child with map process we will be collecting ideas and opinions of students, staff and community members through focus groups, an electronic survey and community committee meetings. Ideas will be considered as the Board of Education develops a plan. At the core of all discussions during the process will be five areas of focus: student learning; student well-being; staff recruitment and development; finance and facilities; and community relations and district pride.  

    Many broad-based initiatives for students were achieved during the previous five-year strategic plan. They included full-day kindergarten, creation  of the Dual Language program, 1:1 technology expansion, a revised long-range facility and financial plan, and a breakfast program for all students.

    Facilitating the entire process is Dr. Robert Madonia of RJM Consulting Services Inc. in Orland Park. He brings a wealth of experience in curriculum, finance, leadership, and professional development. He has facilitated many school strategic planning processes, including those at Grayslake High School District 127, Libertyville Elementary District 70 and Lincolnshire-Prairie View Elementary District 103. Click here for a link to his presentation slides at our planning sessions held Nov. 27 and 28.