• Wildcat Rescue Center

    Having trouble with your Chromebook?

    We are located within the Learning Resource Center at our Intermediate and Middle Schools. 



    Chromebook Reminders for Students

    • Students should not attempt to login to Chromebooks with personal Google accounts, or other student accounts. Managed Chromebooks do not handle multiple logins well as the device is associated with the "owning" student. Unintended results can occur.
    • Students cannot add apps to the Chromebooks. All of this is managed, and a mechanism for "approving" needed apps should be developed and implemented.
    • Students cannot and should not checkout or return loaner devices for other students.
    • Lost or missing Chromebooks should be reported ASAP: We can "lock" the device so it displays a message and cannot be used until we enable it again.
    • Falling out of cubbies/lockers is a primary cause of case or screen cracks or damage: Students should watch for this when moving contents around.
    • Screens can and do get cracked in backpacks: Students should be aware of this and try to protect as much as possible due to backpack loading or other books/content of the bags.


  • Contact Information

    Intermediate School

    WRC Office 847-596-5678

    Middle School

    WRC Office 847-856-3434




    What can students do at the WRC?

    • Get help
    • Ask questions
    • Change/reset password
    • Borrow a loaner Chromebook
    • Charge your Chromebook
    • Clean your screen/keyboard: Please only use cleaning supplies and microfiber cloths as available at WRC.
    • Get support for anything that isn't working correctly on the chromebook
  • Middle School Chromebook Models     6th, 7th and 8th Grades     Dell Chromebook 11 3120

    Intermediate Chromebook Models      5th Grade    Dell Chromebook 11 3120     4th Grade    Dell Chromebook 11 3189