General School Administration

Number: 3:10   Goals and Objectives
Summary: The Superintendent directs the administration in order to facilitate the implementation of aquality educational program. Specific goals and objectives include: implementing education programsthat will provide for students' mastery of the Illinois Common Core State Standards; developingadministrative procedures and handbooks that are in alignment with Board of Education policies;effectively managing the District's fiscal and business activities.

Number: 3:30   Chain of Command
Summary: The Superintendent shall develop an organizational chart identifying the channels ofauthority. Whenever possible, each employee shall have only one immediate supervisor.

Number: 3:30E   Exhibit - Organizational Chart
Exhibit - Organizational Chart

Number: 3:40   Superintendent
Summary: The Superintendent is responsible for the administration and management of the Districtschools in accordance with Board of Education policies and directives, and State and federal law. TheSuperintendent shall have a valid administrative certificate with proper endorsement and must be ofgood character, and unquestionable morals and integrity. The Board of Education shall annuallyevaluate the Superintendent's performance and effectiveness.

Number: 3:50   Administrative Personnel Other Than the Superintendent
Summary: Administrative positions are established by the Board of Education in accordance with theDistrict's needs and State law. The Superintendent or designee shall evaluate administrative personneland make employment and salary recommendations to the Board of Education.

Number: 3:60   Administrative Responsibility of the School Principal
Summary: School Principals are the chief administrators and instructional leaders of their assignedschools, their primary responsibility is the improvement of instruction. Each school Principal andAssistant Principal shall be evaluated pursuant to an evaluation plan that complies with the SchoolCode.