• Entrance Criteria

    All students who enter Woodland CCSD 50 for the first time must complete a home language survey.  Parents are asked two questions on the survey.  

    1. Is there another language spoken in the home?  If yes, what language?
    2. Does the student speak a language other than English?  If yes, what language?

    If the answer is yes to either one of these questions, the school’s ESL teacher determine if ACCESS (Assessing Comprehension and Communication of English State-to-State) scores are available or if the student needs an English language screener.

    State English Language Proficiency test:

    •      1st-8th grade previous school year’s ACCESS results

    English Language Screeners by grade level:

    •    Preschool will be given the IPT (IDEA Placement Test).
    •    Kindergarten and first semester of 1st grade will be given the WIDA K MODEL (Kindergarten Measure of Developing English Language)
    •    2nd semester of 1st grade thru 8th grade will be given the WIDA screener.
  • Placement and level of service is determined by the assessment results., Parents will be notified by mail of their student’s placement.  Students who qualify will be required to take the ACCESS test each year until they meet Illinois exit requirement of 4.8 Overall Proficiency Level.

    Exit Criteria

    Any student who achieves a 4.8 Overall Proficiency Level on the WIDA ACCESS Assessing Comprehension and Communication of English State-to-State) test is considered English Proficient by the state of Illinois and will no longer need to take the ACCESS test.  Students in our TPI, also known as ESL classes, will no longer receive ESL services.  Students in our Two-Way Immersion Dual Language class will continue to participate in the Dual program, but will not be required to participate in the ACCESS test.  All students who exit services will have their English progress monitored for two years.