Woodland School District 50's Dual Language Program

  •  Goals of Woodland School District 50's Two-way Spanish Immersion Dual Language Program

    • Develop high levels of bilingualism, biliteracy, and academic achievement in both English and Spanish language for all students in the program.
    • Achieve at or above grade level academic performance for both language groups
    • Demonstrate positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors.
    • Develop a strong home-school partnership.

    What is a Two-Way Spanish Immersion Dual Language Program?

    Two way immersion is a unique language learning experiences. Two languages, Spanish and English, are used for instruction. Two groups of students come together to learn Spanish and English simultaneously. One group of students are classified as English speakers or come from a home that does not speak Spanish; this is an optional, enrichment program. The other group of students are Spanish speakers or come from a Spanish speaking home and qualify and are entitled to bilingual education through our dual language program model. The class is composed of 50-60% of students who qualify for bilingual education services and the other 40-50% will be English speakers or students who speak a non-Spanish language at home. We also welcome multilingual students into our program. Being a part of this program requires a long-term commitment in order to see the maximum benefits.


    50/50 Content Allocation

    Woodland has chosen a 50/50 model. "50/50" refers to the amount of time students are instructed in English and Spanish in a school day. Specific subject areas are taught in English and other subject areas are taught in Spanish.

    content allocation

    Two Teacher Model

    Woodland School District's Dual Language program has a two teacher model. Students spend half of the day with their English teacher and another half of their day with their Spanish teacher. A two teacher model ensures that our students have high levels of language instruction from native to near native like educators.

    Implementation Timeline