• ​Forecasting Five Years of Financial Future

    A Financial Plan That Achieves Three Goals:

    • Reverse a negative fund balance trend as identified by financial consultants Forecast5 Analytics Inc. at the August 23, 2016 Board meeting.  Establish a minimum of $4 million in cost reductions over four years.
    • Find a funding method for technology purchases that does not continue to deplete our District’s working cash fund yet supports the District goal of 1:1 technology for all students.
    • Focus changes on areas that least impact student learning.  Maintain class size goals and minimize impact to student programs.


    Student enrollment is expected to decline by nearly 500 over the next 5 years.


    Financial Information:
    General state aid is expected to decline by 3.6 million dollars over the next 3 years.

    All Board meetings​ were held at the Educational Support Center, 1105 N. Hunt Club Road, Gurnee.  

    • January 12 Board Meeting: Discuss financial plan and proposed reductions.
    • January 24 Board Meeting: Discuss financial plan and proposed recommendations.
    • February 9 Board Meeting/Community Forum 
    • February 28 Board Meeting: Board action on plan and recommendations.

    Board Action: