Strategic Goals 2013-2017

  • Goal 1 – Student Learning
    1. Incorporate 21st Century Skills and Next Generation Science Standards Framework integrated within the Common Core Curriculum
    2. Implement fully the 21st Century Skills and Next Generation Science Standards into the Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade Common Core Curriculum
    3. Conduct a feasibility study of options for full day kindergarten
    4. Conduct a feasibility study of possible options to increase the English Language Arts instructional time in 6th through 8th grade in order to meet or exceed the Common Core State Standards.
    5. Investigate a formalized structure for academic and enrichment opportunities

    Goal 2 – Financial Resources
    1. Complete a long-range facility plan, which prioritizes operational and capital needs as well as planned building improvements
    2. Increase funding through grants and corporate and organization donations
    3. Establish an ongoing legislative advocacy program
    4. Develop and implement ways to reduce the district’s reliance on paper and non-renewable energy resources

    Goal 3 – Internal Community
    1. Develop and implement programs in all schools to help parents further their child’s education outside of the school day
    2. Advance the Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports program in each school to the next level of implementation
    3. Triangulate school climate data from parents, staff and students using state and local assessment data to enhance the culture of our schools
    4. Develop activities and procedures for students and families as they transition into the district and between schools
    5. Educate staff about the purpose and benefits of Professional Learning Communities for the purpose of exploring future implementation

    Goal 4 - External Community
    1. Establish a formal community education program based on a proposal to be reviewed and approved by the Board of Education
    2. Develop improved protocols/channels of communications with populations that include: Spanish-speaking families, businesses, non-Woodland families and senior citizens
    3. Develop and implement a digital district tool (“dashboard”) to monitor and communicate district goals performance to the public
    4. Refine and adopt the communication protocols for the Board of Education with the external community
    5. Create a “community in the schools” program (Try New Things/Career Day) at each school

    Goal 5 – Technology
    1a. Provide training opportunities to enhance skills and development for all staff
    1b. Expand equal technology access opportunities for all students
    2. Acquire and allocate technology based on the Common Core Standards, students’ use ​of technology in the classroom and school need as part of the overall leasing strategy
    3. Research options for providing students mobile access to technology for the purpose of further engaging in their instructional experience
    4. Research a "Bring Your Own Device" program that allows students to use their own technology device to support their learning.​