Vision, Mission, Beliefs and Core Values 2013-2017

  • I.   Vision Statement:
    Woodland creates an environment that inspires all members to be self-directed critical thinkers, successful learners, and responsible citizens interacting in a global society
    II.  Mission:
    Learning…to Find Solutions

    III. Beliefs:
    Woodland believes public schools are the greatest asset of our community.
    Woodland believes public education is critical to the perpetuation of our democratic principles and society.
    Therefore, we believe:

    • All children can learn and shall be challenged to meet high expectations.
    • A diverse, highly motivated, and qualified staff is paramount to student learning.
    • Each staff member shall positively contribute to a child’s learning experience each day.
    • Students, staff, families, the School Board, and the community shall unite in a partnership of life-long learning.
    • Opportunities and resources will be provided in a positive, nurturing, safe learning environment.All members in the Woodland community learn in different ways, at different rates.
    • The Woodland community shall embrace diversity.
    • Successful learning communities are based upon firm adherence to high standards of supportive and respectful behavior of one member towards another.

    IV.   Core Values:

    • ​Honesty – Honest people are truthful and sincere.​
    • Trustworthiness – People worthy of trust keep promises, fulfill commitments and abide by the spirit, as well as, the letter of an agreement.
    • Loyalty – Loyal people demonstrate commitment and support based on positive values.
    • Fairness – Fair people are committed to justice and to the equal treatment and participation of others.
    • Caring – A caring person shows concern for the well being of others. 
    • Respect – Respectful people have confidence in their own beliefs and acknowledge, understand and support the rights of others to express their beliefs. They value authority and the property of others. 
    • Citizenship – A responsible citizen contributes to the local and global community in active, positive, and resourceful ways and encourages the participation of others.
    • Pursuit of Excellence – In the pursuit of excellence, people take pride in their work, give their best efforts, reflect on the results of their work and apply new learning to subsequent tasks.
    • Responsibility – An accountable person knows, understands, considers and accepts the impact and consequences of personal actions and decisions.
    • Integrity – People with integrity act in a manner that is consistent with these core values.