Official Records Custodian

  • Official Records Custodian

    The Associate Superintendent of Educational Services serves as the District’s Official Records Custodian and each Building Principal is designated the Records Custodian for his or her school. The District’s Official Records Custodian and school-level Records Custodians have the following duties: 


    1. Is responsible for the maintenance, care, and security of all school student records, whether or not the records are in his or her personal custody or control, and shall take all reasonable measures to protect school student records through administrative, technical, and security safeguards against risks, such as unauthorized access, release, or use. 
    2. Reviews student temporary records at least every four years, or upon a student’s change in attendance centers, whichever occurs first, to verify entries and to eliminate or correct all out-of-date, misleading, inaccurate, unnecessary, or irrelevant information. 
    3. When notified by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), purges DCFS’s final finding report from the student’s record and returns the report to DCFS. 
    4. Manages requests to access school student records. 
    5. Transfers a certified copy of the records of students transferring to another school and retains the original records. 
    6. Provides all required notices to parents/guardians and students, including each of the following:
      1. Upon initial enrollment or transfer to the school, notification of rights concerning school student records delivered by any means likely to reach parents, including direct mail or email, delivery by the student to the parent, or incorporation into a student handbook. 
      2. Annual notification of information that is considered to be directory information and of the procedures to be used by parents/guardians to request that specific information not be released.
      3. Notification to secondary students and their parents/guardians that they may opt-out of the disclosure of students’ names, addresses, and telephone listings to military recruiters and institutions of higher learning by submitting a written request that such information not be released without the prior written consent of the parent/guardian.
      4. Notification of their right to a hearing to challenge any entry in the school student records (except for academic grades) and Official Records Custodian’s name and contact information. 
      5. Upon a student’s graduation, transfer, or permanent withdrawal, notification of the destruction schedule for the student’s permanent and temporary school student records and of their right to request a copy through: (1) the school’s parent or student handbook, (2) publication in a newspaper published in the District or, if no newspaper is published in the District, in a newspaper of general circulation within the district, (3) U.S. mail delivered to the last known address of the parent/guardian or student, or (4) other means provided notice is confirmed to have been received, e.g., hand delivery, return receipt, or read receipt email. 
    7. Takes all action necessary to ensure that school personnel are informed of the provisions of the School Student Records Act.