School Resource Officer

  • Meet Woodland's School Resource Officer!

    Woodland D50 has a full-time School Resource Officer (SRO) from the Gurnee Police Department who serves our learning community. The SRO is responsible for safety and crime prevention in our schools and works closely with District administrators to maintain a safe environment for all. Woodland’s SRO is Detective Kelly Hansen. She is primarily stationed at Woodland Middle School, but is available to travel across the district in support of our schools. 

    Det. Hansen has been an officer with the Village of Gurnee for more than 10 years. Throughout her years of service with Gurnee, she has served in various specialty roles:

    • Juvenile Officer
    • Crisis Intervention Officer
    • Evidence Technician
    • Car Seat Safety Tech
    • Peer Support Team Member

    In her role as School Resource Officer, Det. Hansen’s main goal is to develop and nurture positive relationships with students and staff to promote a strong sense of community. She is also focused on promoting safety, monitoring concerns, and providing feedback on ways to improve our plans and procedures. Another strength she brings to our district is her ability to form connections with all different kinds of people. She will use this ability to provide mentorship and support to our students and staff. Finally, she will provide education assistance programs based on the needs of our students. 

    Det. Hansen is also a wife and mother of two, and this helps shape her interactions with students and their families. She wants students to see her as a consistent and trusted adult in their everyday lives, so that they may feel comfortable working with her in times of need or in the event of an emergency. 

School Resource Officer Detective Hansen
Det. Hansen Greets a Student at Woodland Middle School
  • The Role of the School Resource Officer (SRO)

    The SRO is not a school disciplinarian and violations of the student code of conduct or school rules that are not criminal matters are handled by school faculty and staff, not the SRO.
    The SRO will not intervene unless a situation involves criminal conduct or poses an imminent threat to the health, safety, and security of a student or others.

    The SRO’s responsibilities are multifaceted and typically include things like:

    • Meeting regularly with District administrators about school safety issues
    • Developing and maintaining relationships with the Woodland community to support school safety efforts
    • Being visible throughout the District as an agent of school safety
    • Participating in school safety drills
    • Providing educational assistance programs based on the needs of our students
    • Conducting home visits and student well-being checks
    • Participating on the District’s student safety assessment team and contributing to updates on the District’s Crisis Management Plan
  • Illinois Safe Gun Storage Act House Bill 2254click here for more information


    If you own a firearm, please review the safe storage practice which includes keeping your firearm secured in a locked container. In order to proactively support the safety and well-being of our community, please ensure all firearms are inaccessible or unusable to any person other than the owner or another lawfully authorized user at all times.


    To confidentially report concerns about a person or situation involving gun safety, please submit an anonymous report by clicking here.