Student Records

  • A School Student Record means any writing or other recorded information concerning a student and by which a student may be individually identified that is maintained by a school or at its direction or by an employee of a school, regardless of how or where the information is stored. 


    Special Education Records means school records that relate to identification, evaluation, or placement of, or the provision of a free and appropriate public education to, students with disabilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Article 14 of the School Code. These records include the report of the multidisciplinary staffing conference on which placement or nonplacement was based and all records and audio recordings in any format relating to special education placement hearings and appeals. 


    A school student record does not include any of the following:

    1. Writings or other recorded information kept in a school staff member’s sole possession that is destroyed not later than the student’s graduation or permanent withdrawal, and is not accessible or revealed to any other person except a temporary substitute teacher. 
    2. Information maintained by law enforcement professionals working in the school. 
    3. Video or other electronic recordings created and maintained by law enforcement professionals working in the school or for security or safety reasons or purposes, provided the information was created at least in part for law enforcement or security or safety reasons or purposes. 
    4. Any information, either written or oral, received from law enforcement officials concerning a student less than the age of 18 years who has been arrested or taken into custody. 


    Further information regarding student school records  may be obtained by contacting the District’s Official Records Custodian: Dr. Lanée Walls, Associate Superintendent of Educational Services at 847-596-5634.