• New Student Registration information for the 2022-2023 School Year


    We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the District.  Please use the following link to verify that your address is within our district boundaries:  Lake County Maps Online

    NEW DISTRICT 50 FAMILIES:  (Never enrolled in the district)

    LINK=>  https://skyward.iscorp.com/scripts/wsisa.dll/WService=wseduwoodlandil/skyenroll.w

    Click on the link and enter the information requested on the screen. When completed,

    click on the orange bar and you will receive an email containing a login and password.

    Click the link in the email to go to Skyward Enrollment Access Page and enter the login

    and password to start the enrollment process. (see required documents option)


    Once you are logged into Skyward please follow the remaining steps.

    After each of the following steps, you must click on the box, “complete Step(#) and move to Step(#).  Required information is indicated by a red asterisk *.

    • Step 1: Student Information. Enter all the information for the student you are enrolling.

                      (click on complete Step 1 and move to Step 2).

    • Step 2: Family/Guardian Information. Enter all information for Parent/Guardian.

                      (Click on complete Step 2 and move to Step 3).

    • Step 3: Medical/Dental Information.  Enter all information related to student.

                      (Click on Complete Step 3 and move to Step 4).

    • Step 4: Emergency Contact Information. Please provide at least 2 additional contacts other than yourself.

                      (Click on Complete Step 4 and move to Step 5).

    • Step 5: Requested Documents – Upload the required documents:
      • Birth Certificate (7:50-Administrative Procedure) and Parent/Guardian ID - Required
      • Proof of Residency, Document 1, Document 2 - Required
      • Physical, Dental, Vision, Immunization Records
      • Illinois Transfer Form (If applicable)- If a student is transferring from a public school in Illinois, this form must be obtained from previous school.
      • If you have a Physical, Dental, or Eye Exam to submit, you may submit in Step 5 as well.

                     (Click on Complete Step 5 and move to Step 6).

    • Step 6: Additional District Forms: Click on each form name and fill out the information requested, electronically sign and date.

                     (Click on Complete Step 6).

    • At this point you can add/change information in any of the steps by clicking on the “Edit” button next to each step.

    Click Submit Application to the District”. You will not be able to submit the application if all the steps are not completed. 


    If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact the Registration Department. 
    Cindy Viverito at 847-596-5682 or Cathy Ochoa at 847-596-5683 – Español.

    Registration Staff will be reviewing all proof of residency documents uploaded to Skyward to ensure residency documents are current and accurate.  You will be notified if your application is approved.


    School fees are charged annually.  Payments can be made through Family Access in August 2022. Fee Waiver Applications and Food Service Waiver Applications will be made available to all families by August 5, 2022.