• Kindergarten Health Forms Guidelines

    Physical Examination:  Due October 15, required to be COMPLETED on a standard Illinois physical examination form, and dated less than one year prior to 1st day of Kindergarten. Please submit all forms upon completion as soon as possible.  Our goal is to keep the students healthy in school to learn!

    • Physical Exam (State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination) REQUIREMENTS:
    • Health History: Located on the back of the form.   Answer all questions, sign and date by a Parent or Guardian.
    • Diabetes Screening: a physician must answer all questions.
    • Lead Risk Questionnaire: a physician must answer all questions.
    • Physician must sign and date physical.
    • Immunization Records: Must be signed by physician.

    Submit the physical and immunization records to Primary School as soon as they are completed.  The Physical Exam with immunization record must be received by first week of October. 

    Students with missing records are NOT allowed in class on October 15 according to the Illinois School Code.   Due to the high volume of students, please plan in advance to meet the due date.

    Vision Exam:   Must be on a standard Illinois vision form with the requirements of:

    • Completed, signed and dated by an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist. Due by the beginning of October.

    Dental Exam:  Must be on a standard Illinois dental form with the requirements of:

    • Completed, signed and dated by the dentist. Due by the beginning May at end of school year.

    Health forms can be found on our website under Student Forms.     

    The Lake County Health Department offers physical exams, immunizations, and dental services. For more information or to make an appointment call 847-377-8400.