Continuum of Services

  • Woodland District 50 offers a continuum of placements where students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are educated with students without disabilities, to the greatest extent appropriate. A student’s educational placement is determined by an IEP team. 


    The Placement Continuum 

    • General Education
    • Resource
    • Instructional
    • Public Day
    • Private Day
    • Residential
    • Home/Hospital


    For additional information on Least Restrictive Environment and The Placement Continuum, please visit Educational Rights and Responsibilities: THE PARENT GUIDE. 


    Public, Private, and Residential Placements

    Woodland School District 50 maintains membership with the Special Education District of Lake County (SEDOL).  SEDOL is a cooperative educational system that serves students with physical, emotional, and other learning needs. Students who attend SEDOL programs require a separate public day school environment to best meet their individual needs. All placement decisions for SEDOL programs are made by an IEP Team.  

    Students who require intensive supports, interventions and related services that exceed the resources of Woodland’s general school settings, may be considered for public, private, or residential placements. Prior to placing a student in an out-of-state special education residential facility, District 50 must refer to the student's parent/guardian the option to place the student in a special education residential facility located within Illinois, if any, that provides treatment and services comparable to those provided by the out-of-state facility. All placement decisions for public, private, or residential placements are made by an IEP Team.