• Woodland District 50 Updates on the 2020-21 School Year 

    Woodland Hybrid Learning: 
    Frequently Asked Questions 
    Presentation Slides presented to the Board of Education on Dec. 17, 2020
    Hybrid Learning Plan updated Dec. 17, 2020 (NOTE: While the Hybrid Learning Plan has been approved, the dates noted in the plan have NOT been approved. Dates remain tentative based on safety metrics.)


    • Upcoming Dates, PTA News, Incoming Kindergarten Info, sent Jan. 15, 2021 English / Spanish


    • Happy New Year: Lessons from 2020, and 2021 Outlook, sent Jan. 8, 2021 English / Spanish


    • Important Dates and Reminders for January, sent Dec. 30, 2020 English / Spanish


    • Summary from Board of Education Meeting, Learning Model Selection Deadline, Winter Break Hours, sent Dec. 18, 2020 English / Spanish


    • Food Resources, COVID19 Vaccine Info from Lake County, sent Dec. 11, 2020 English / Spanish


    • Early Release Day, Holiday Food Drive, Board of Education News, sent Dec. 4, 2020 English / Spanish


    • Summary from Board of Education Meeting, Staff Working Remotely, School Pictures - sent Nov. 20, 2020 English / Spanish


    • Communication Update, Food Drive, Reminders, sent Nov. 13, 2020 English / Spanish


    • Report Cards, Veteran's Day Event, sent Nov. 6, 2020 English / Spanish


    • Important Dates/Reminders, Board Highligths, sent Oct. 30, 2020 English / Spanish


    • Hybrid Learning Model Presented to Board of Education, sent Oct. 23, 2020 English / Spanish


    • National Principals Month and Upcoming Events, sent Oct. 8, 2020 English / Spanish


    • Learning Model Selection Deadline Extended, sent Sept. 29, 2020 English / Spanish


    • Preliminary Planning for Blended Learning, sent Sept. 25, 2020 English / Spanish


    • Reminders and Upcoming Events, sent Sept. 22, 2020 English / Spanish







    • Reminders and Schedule for Week of Aug. 24, sent Aug. 21, 2020 English / Spanish
      • Teacher Institute Days
      • Supply Pickup
      • Virtual Teacher Meet and Greets
      • Facebook Live: Dual Language
      • Food Drive
      • Board of Education Meeting
      • Other Resources


    • Teacher Assignment, Tech Update, Facebook Live Event, sent Aug. 12, 2020 English / Spanish


    • Local Childcare Providers and Community Partners, sent Aug. 11, 2020 English / Spanish


    • School Board Approves Remote Learning 2.0, sent July 31, 2020 English / Spanish


    • Schedule: Food Drive, Board of Education Meeting, sent July 27, 2020 English / Spanish



  • Woodland Planning Process for 2020-2021 School Year

    Woodland Remote Learning 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions 

    Woodland District 50 is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and planning for the 2020-2021 school year started in May. School district leaders are actively seeking guidance from federal, state and local officials, and collecting feedback from staff and district families. We are committed to developing a plan for reopening schools that prioritizes health and wellness and is responsive to the needs of our students, staff and families. The decision for how students will learn this fall is mostly driven by state organizations such as Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and by the Governor of the State of Illinois. These organizations have driven our implementation of Remote Learning this spring and will have a great influence on our educational implementation this fall. 

    ISBE and IDPH Joint Guidance for Starting the School Year, released June 23, 2020

    ISBE Clarification about Face Masks and Face Shields, released June 30, 2020

    ISBE FAQs, released July 9, 2020 / IDPH Additional FAQ's released August 12, 2020

    ISBE Fall 2020 Learning Recommendations, released July 23, 2020


    Learning Models Developed for the 2020-2021 school year:
    Woodland developed working committees to plan for three scenarios, with the understanding that we may need to move in and out of these learning models throughout the year as we continue to respond to this pandemic. The school year will start with all students in Remote Learning. 

    • In-Person Learning Model: A return to learning in person, incorporating social distancing and other safety precautions according to guidance from health officials.
    • Blended Learning Model: A hybrid of in-person learning and remote learning.
    • Revised Remote Learning Model: Teacher directed at-home learning to continue for everyone.

    Reentry Committee Structure:
    To be as prepared as possible for our students, Woodland developed three committees to investigate a range of implementations. Regardless of state guidance we want to be able to modify or adjust the guidance to ensure we are working in the best benefit of Woodland students, families and staff.  


    Facilities Reentry Committee
    The purpose of this committee is to develop a space utilization plan for educating students using social distancing guidelines to help promote a safe return to school. The committee is focusing their efforts on multiple scenarios including: all students returning to school, a blended model whereas students are on a rotating schedule and only half the students are in the building at one time, an intermittent learning model where school buildings are closed for a period of time due to an interruption of services in one of the previous two scenarios. The committee must plan for transportation logistics, use of space in classrooms, students entering and exiting the building and movement in the building, cleaning and disinfecting procedures and more. 

    Social Emotional Reentry Committee 
    This committee has the important job of planning for the next school year when it comes to the health of our students and staff. This includes physical health issues like what to do when a child has a fever, as well as social emotional learning and health. This committee must look at health office procedures for when a student has symptoms, while also looking at what kind of supports are in place to make sure students are engaged in learning, and consider the needs of students with special needs and specialized learning plans. 

    Teaching and Learning Reentry Committee
    The goal of the committee is developing plans for support and expectations for learning this fall.  The Committee is reviewing four different scenarios, with an understanding that each scenario might be used for a portion of the year in combination with other scenarios. The four scenarios are:  in person learning, blended learning with some students permanently at home and some coming to school, Remote learning and alternative blended learning with a portion of the students attending school some days and a portion attending other days.  The committee meets weekly and is composed of over forty staff members. 



  • Parent Feedback Opportunities and Public Presentations

    The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on schools and has completely changed education as we know it. Many aspects of our society are built around the traditional school day and calendar, such as parent work schedules and childcare. The disruption to the normal school day is felt in different ways to each member of our learning community. How it impacts one family, or one student, or one staff member, may look very different in your household or to your student's learning style or needs. This virus may have touched your family as a health concern, or it may have touched your family as an economic concern. Understanding all these differences can help us make the best decisions we can, within the limited scope of options currently available. We must find the right balance of prioritizing health and safety, with the goal of providing in-person learning opportunities as much as possible. There is no one-size fits all option in front of us, but we need parent feedback to help us answer some of these tough questions. 

    Parent Feedback Opportunities and Public Presentations:

    • Virtual Committee Report, June 17 - On June 17, the Reentry Committee Chairs reported about the work taking place in each committee on Woodland's Facebook page. Parents and staff had the opportunity to submit questions in advance, or leave questions in the comment section. If you missed the discussion, you can find it on our Facebook page, or

    • Parent/Caretaker Feedback for Reentry Planning Survey - The survey was available from June 18 - 25, 2020 and we were very pleased with the participation rate! We received a total of 2,232 survey responses (2,140 English and 92 Spanish). To the families that took the time to complete this survey, thank you for the valuable feedback! 
      View Survey Results English / Spanish

    • Roadmap to Reopening Presentation, June 25 - On June 25, Dr. Lori Casey presented the Roadmap to Reopening plans to the Woodland District 50 Board of Education. The presentation is available here, or you are welcome to watch the video of the meeting here

    • Fall 2020 Remote Learning Option Survey, July 1 - 7 - One of the results from the Parent/Caretaker Reentry Planning Survey was the need to further clarify the responses related to families that would prefer to stay in a Remote Learning model due to safety concerns about returning to school. Completion of this survey does not guarantee full remote learning will be an option, but this survey is an attempt to gather information in order to determine the interest and feasibility.

    • Video Message: Update on Return to School Planning, July 16 - Dr. Lori Casey sent a video message to district staff and families to provide an update on the Return to School Planning Process, and to invite everyone to watch the discussion at the July Board Meeting. Video Message

    Additional parent feedback opportunities are in development, stay tuned!