• Healthy students learn better!

    Our goal is to keep the students and entire school staff healthy to maximize learning.

    School Nurses have multiple functions to reach our mission.

    • We provide first aide, emergency care, medication administration, and skilled nursing procedures.
    • We provide health education to promote positive health.
    • We are active participants for the IEP, 504 Plans, and Individualized Healthcare Plans.
    • We ensure mandate compliance in the screenings for vision, hearing, immunizations, and physicals.
    • We monitor the school health environment and work closely with nutrition services and physical education department.
    • We collaborate with the entire school to reach our goal of keeping the students and staff healthy. 

    Healthy children make successful learners! Healthy staff make successful educators! ​


    Meet the School Nurse and Health Assistant

      SCHOOL NURSE: Kara Edgeworth, BSN, RN

    HEALTH ASSISTANT: Laura Feczko