Mentor and Induction Program

  • There are four primary goals for Woodland's Mentor and Induction Program:

    1. Develop reflective practices through effective coaching focusing on the Danielson Framework of Professional Practice.
    2. Emphasize the importance of building relationships and a strong sense of community with students. 
    3. Model #LifeintheW cheerleading pride at Woodland.
    4. Impart basic information to new staff about logistics, policies and procedures.

    All newly hired certified teachers are assigned a mentor.  Mentors are trained before the school year begins on topics such as, but not limited to, giving effective feedback, coaching, Danielson Framework, and building positive relationships. New certified staff and mentors meet often to provide the necessary supports to be successful.

    Studies have shown that new teachers who don't get enough time with their mentor or the essential support and resources will often leave a district.  At Woodland, we believe in investing in our new teachers and insuring they have the support to be a part of our district for many years.


    “A mentoring program is only as strong as its mentors.”

    -Jaime Callahan


General Information

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