• Community Relations and District Pride
    9A: Develop and communicate the brand that showcases the positive attributes of Woodland District 50, unites us and represents our pride.

    Summary of major milestones:
    The Community Relations and District Pride Committee was formed in 2018 to research and develop a brand that reflects our core values and district pride. The committee then created a timeline for implementation and an identity guide to support brand consistency.

    Recent Accomplishments July - Dec 2019:Parade

    • Brand Launch - #LifeintheW is born: The Community Relations and District Pride committee launched the new district brand in a variety of ways in August, 2019. Information was shared with parents at our Proof of Residency event with a flyer introducing our new casual logo and hashtag. Each school received a flag with our new logo on it to display. Our new brand and district pride in Woodland was on full display at the Gurnee Days’ parade. #LifeintheW bracelets were passed out to students and families as the float passed by.
    • Staff Welcome Back Event: The launch of the brand continued with our staff at the back to school Institute Day. There was a huge kickoff and a variety of stations that staff could visit. There was a special #LifeintheW media backdrop and employees were encouraged to take photos and selfies with friends and start using the new hashtag. All tweets with the #LifeintheW hashtag were displayed on a large screen for all staff to see as they scrolled live on Twitter. Staff were encouraged to spin the #LifeintheW wheel to win a branding product such as fanny packs, magnets, computer stickers and buttons. Additionally, all staff received a #LifeintheW t-shirt at the event and our administrative team welcomed back staff with a flash mob and a #LifeintheW movie. It was a great event and full of school spirit and pride!
    • Incorporating Student Voice: This fall the committee has continued to meet to implement the brand into our students’ daily lives. At each of the schools it is being done differently to match the age of our students and their knowledge of what a brand is and how we use it. Examples would be small items being sold in the ROAR store at the higher grade levels and class books being made at the younger grade levels. #LifeintheW is said daily during announcements and staff are using the hashtag when tweeting and highlighting positive events in their classroom.Wiley
    • Community Awareness: The Winter 2019 edition of The Woodland Insider featured a story of the new brand and invited the community to follow #LifeintheW to stay informed about all the important events and achievements of Woodland students and staff. This was mailed to nearly 25,000 households in the Woodland District 50 boundaries in December 2019.
    • Challenges: The implementation of the new brand has presented some challenges as this is a new concept and it’s hard to achieve consistency across five schools. Using the brand consistently and staying true to the new design has been a challenge for staff because in the past, t-shirts and merchandise was created in different colors and themes and not consistent. Based on the research done on branding during the first year of the strategic plan, we learned that consistency is key. The committee created a #LifeintheW style guide to inform staff on how the brand can be used, what color options are available and do’s and don’ts to guide their use of the new logo.

    Looking ahead:
    The Community Relations District Pride Committee will continue to work with staff on ways to implement the brand consistently, as well as find new and creative ways to showcase the brand to Woodland students, families and the community. The committee will launch a “reboot” of the brand in January/February with our staff and students, and look for additional ways to incorporate the student voice into the brand. The committee will also continue their outreach to the community to establish the brand as a solid image of our district that people recognize.


    Strategic Plan Accomplishments and Coming Attractions Report, Jan. 23, 2020

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