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The following public records are designated by the District's Freedom of Information Officer as being immediately available on the District's website and may be inspected, downloaded, printed, and/or copied.  


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SD50 AFR 20162016 Annual Financial Report
D50 District Federal Audit Report 20162016 District Federal Audit Report
SD50 Financial Report 20162016 District Financial Report
Student Health Data2016-2017 Student Immunization Report
2017-18 Tentative Budget2017-2018 Tentative Budget
WL 2015-2020 CBACollective Bargaining Agreement 2015-2020
FY16 Contracts over 25KFY16 Contracts over 25K
FY17 BudgetFY17 Budget
TeacherCredentialsParents Right to Know
UnfundedMandatesUnfunded Mandates