• The Woodland Transportation Department is responsible for safely transporting all district students to and from school daily including preK, K-8 and special education students. All Primary and Elementary students are to have bus tags listing the correct bus stop. If your student's bus tag is lost or damaged, a replacement should be requested through the school. Please contact them directly.

    Most of our routes are built on a three tier system.  This means most buses are responsible for driving students from each of our campus locations in consecutive order starting with Middle School. 

    Office hours begin at 5:30 am and continue until 5:00 pm each day.

    17370 Gages Lake Road, Gages Lake, IL  60030

    Transportation Office Main Phone Number 847-856-3644



 David DiVita - Director of Transportation

  Phone: 847-856-3648
  Email: ddivita@dist50.net


 Kelli Furr - Assistant Director
  Meet Mrs. Furr

  Phone: 847-856-3647
  Email: kfurr@dist50.net


 Janet Hoyos - Secretary

  Phone: 847-856-3429
  Email: jhoyos@dist50.net


 Dawna Choe - Secretary

  Phone: 847-856-3642
  Email: dchoe@dist50.net


 Kim Hesse - Dispatcher

  Phone: 847-856-3644
  Email: khessee@dist50.net


 Kerry Norr - Dispatcher

  Phone: 847-856-3643
  Email: knorr@dist50.net