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Key Facts

Woodland School District 50 is an elementary district located in northern Lake County. Composed of Early Childhood through Grade 8, it is one of the largest school districts in the State of Illinois. Woodland School District 50 encompasses 33 square miles and educates approximately 5,700 students.
Woodland School District 50 serves all of unincorporated Gages Lake and Wildwood and parts of Gurnee, Grayslake, Park City, Third Lake, Old Mill Creek, Wadsworth, Lindenhurst, and Waukegan.
There are four school buildings in District 50. 
- Primary (Early Childhood and Kindergarten)
- Elementary (Grades 1-3)
- Intermediate (Grades 4-5)
- Middle (Grades 6-8)

Review the Illinois School Report Cards for detailed information about each of our schools.

Our Students

Woodland School District 50 serves approximately 5,700 students, which includes 33 percent low-income and 17 percent English Language Learners.  The student body composition is approximately 45% Caucasian, 31% Hispanic, 11% Asian, 7% African American, 5% Multi-racial, 1% Native American/Alaskan and 1% Hawaiian Pacific Islander.

Our Staff

The dedicated staff of Woodland School District 50 is composed of 518 certified and 350 support staff Members. Approximately 80% of the certified staff have earned master's degrees.

Our Mission

Woodland School District 50 is committed to its mission, "Learning...to find solutions." Whether it be through community involvement, partnerships or embracing technology, the schools of Woodland engage in continuous improvements to achieve academic excellence. 


Our Community

Lake County is located between Chicago, Illinois, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Lake Michigan forms the eastern boundary of Lake County. Many smaller lakes populate the county. There are many attractions, shopping, cultural events and outdoor recreational areas. The county is home to Gurnee Mills Mall, Six Flags Great America, the Cuneo Museum and two state parks. Many national and international corporations have headquarters in the area. For more information on the Lake County area, visit http://www.lakecounty.org.

Woodland School District 50 is located in northern Lake County, Illinois. Read below for information specific to the communities in our school district.

Village & Cities

Village of Gurnee 

Village of Grayslake

Warren Township

City of Waukegan 

City of Park City

Village of Old Mill Creek

Village of Third Lake

Village of Lindenhurst


Warren-Newport Public Library District


Grayslake Area Public Library District

High Schools

Warren Township

Grayslake District 127